About Us

Alonzo & Sabrena met in 2010 while working at their local H-E-B. As their relationship grew one of their passions was to BBQ together in Sabrena's back yard. Some would say that they BBQ'd too much, but if you ask them it was never enough!

Alonzo's background in BBQ comes from his dad grilling for him and his sisters on the weekends as a kid. Dad's BBQ was always the best, but he never smoked meat, he had his own way of doing things! From the back yard with Dad to cooking Competition BBQ, we don't plan on letting the fire die in our smokers any time soon.

Sabrena's background in BBQ also comes from her Family. Her parents always cooked BBQ for their family as they traveled around the States because of the Navy. Traveling the States and Culinary School have given Sabrena an edge when it comes to cooking. Sabrena is a Cake Designer, Full-Time Mother, Camera Lady, and Business Owner. She might be the woman behind the camera to you, but for Gulf Coast Smoke she fills the most important part of what we do.

After years of being together and keeping BBQ one of their favorite hobbies, Alonzo & Sabrena decided to take their Passion and turn it into a Business.

Gulf Coast Smoke is a Family, and we want to Welcome YOU! Our goal is to give you the KNOWLEDGE and CONFIDENCE to be a Pitmaster in your back yard.

You've got EVERYTHING you need to become a Pitmaster with Gulf Coast Smoke's Award Winning TX Made BBQ Supplies.

- Alonzo & Sabrena Cantu